Multi-Resolution Meshes for Feature-Aware Hardware Tessellation

Multi-Resolution Meshes for Feature-Aware Hardware Tessellation

Thibaud Lambert, Pierre Bénard, Gaël Guennebaud

Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2016).

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Abstract :

Hardware tessellation is de facto the preferred mechanism to adaptively control mesh resolution with maximal performances. However, owing to its fixed and uniform pattern, leveraging tessellation for feature-aware LOD rendering remains a challenging problem. We relax this fundamental constraint by introducing a new spatial and temporal blending mechanism of tessellation levels, which is built on top of a novel hierarchical representation of multi-resolution meshes. This mechanism allows to finely control topological changes so that vertices can be removed or added at the most appropriate location to preserve geometric features in a continuous and artifact-free manner. We then show how to extend edge-collapse based decimation methods to build feature-aware multi-resolution meshes that match the tessellation patterns. Our approach is fully compatible with current hardware tessellators and only adds a small overhead on memory consumption and tessellation cost

Posted in Publications on Mar 03, 2016